How a handbag/pouch is made

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It is important that a handbag is made by design and then produced by an assembly line production worker. It is very important for the lathes to produce the quality of the leather goods of the handbags strictly according to the most basic quality requirements in the process. Therefore, the basic knowledge of a leather hand bag for a car operator should be mastered.

Handbag processing plant

1. Sewing sign: The sign is the house number of the handbag.

2. Bone pulling: The paper mouth should be uniform, the corners should not be wrinkled, the four corners should be uniform, and the wrapping material should be close to the core of the bone, and the broken bone should not appear.

3. Packing the front bag: The front pinhole must be covered, and the needle should be started in the middle of the head or bottom. The four corners of the bag should be parallel and symmetrical.

4. Sewing zipper: The paper mouth needs to be uniform and uniform. Pay particular attention to the direction of the zipper. The stitched chain stickers should be flat and not wavy.

5, barrage: barrage is to link the chain fence, rule fence, bottom fence and other links.

6. Car stitching stickers: The car lines are unified toward the hook edge, the burrs are parallel, and they cannot be skewed.

7. Hemming: The paper edge of the hemming must not have large thin edges, discounts, flat tires, and rounded corners.

8. Vehicle-mounted hijab: For the needle car, it should be balanced, not skewed, the line should be straight, and the paper mouth should be uniform.

9. Sewing side pockets: Pay attention to the direction of the slider. When pulling the zip, the slider should be in the front direction. The bag should be squared and parallel.

10. Sewing straps: Pay special attention to the square card and the center line. Generally, the square card is 1.5 inches in length. The center line must pass through the intersection and cannot be bent.

11. Buried bag: Buried bag is made by sewing the back, perimeter and face together to form a finished product.

The basic knowledge of the handbag should be mastered, and then carefully and carefully at work, the quality of the finished product must be satisfied with the customer.